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The Squad

Travis Kellerman

Co-founder |  Strategy & Communications Officer

Travis is a cross-disciplinary futurist focused on social and environmental inequalities - and the data, models, and strategy to address them.  He grew up in the industrial decline of Western Pennsylvania, where the toxic legacy of pollution and working-class exploitation took a heavy toll on his family and formed early lessons in the need for economic and social justice. 


Travis came of age in the dynamic political world of New Mexico.  His involvement as an organizer, candidate, and stakeholder engagement leader has formed the basis for his inclusive data and modeling philosophy.  He stands for and from the working class - whose data and voice have historically been excluded from government and financial systems.  As a founder and team leader, he believes in grounding a team in mutual respect, cognitive empathy, and rational compassion - for each other and the people they serve.


As a tech executive and data strategist, his work has focused on supply chain prediction and impact quantification using massive new data streams.  Travis’s strategic futurism sees an adaptive push for huge change where the truth of our impact on each other and the planet is revealed and addressed through data science + dialogue.  He co-founded a business intelligence platform company which scaled to eighty-two countries and serviced thousands of locations.  He has modeled and managed communications for a diverse range of issues including deforestation, wildfire tracking, disaster response, geopolitical dynamics, social determinants of health, and GHG emission quantification.


Travis studied Politics & History at the University of Sheffield, and business at the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico.

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Jason Libersky

Co-Founder | Advisor

For the past decade, Jason has been at the forefront of the energy transition: real decarbonization of the energy supply chain, methane emissions reductions, commodity differentiation and tokenization based on environmental performance across supply chains, new ES&G products & risk metrics, indices, and other original solutions to fill market gaps. This work has directly contributed to keeping well over 3 billion cubic feet of methane out of the atmosphere. Jason also played a key role in establishing the early ESG differentiated commodity market for digitized assets and attracting and closing significant venture funding from large strategic partners.


Jason’s theory of quantifying, tokenizing, and tracking externalities is founded in the fusion of his learnings.  He was a Computational Physicist and Member of the Advanced Concepts Group at Sandia National Labs.  He then served as a Research & Data Scientist at New Mexico Tech’s Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis.   He has since performed senior-level production engineering consulting with major oil & gas producers and electric utilities.  His extensive data science and product development experience reaches across multiple industries.  Jason has worked with the oil and gas producers, utilities, and standard organizations, and NGOs to drive awareness and technology & policy solutions to accelerate carbon reduction and the energy transition.


As a leader, Jason’s three superpower(s) have been described as:  1)  Being down to earth and able to develop substantive heartfelt connections with all types of backgrounds.  2) The ability to inspire others to collaboratively work together to solve society’s biggest problems.  3) The ability to synthesize vast, noncontiguous, complex information and offer new insights.”  

Jason is focused not only on the product, technical, and market innovations required for transformation, but on creating the essential culture for world-class collaborative teams who can take a product from idea to reality.   


Jason studied Astrophysics & Religious Studies at The University of New Mexico and Physics & Biology at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Jerry Borunda

Data Experience Designer

Jerry Borunda is a multidisciplinary designer originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He specializes in 2D, 3D, Product, XR, and Data Experience Design.


In his 10+ years as a designer, Jerry’s goal has always been to transform raw data into valuable information that lays a foundation for meaningful experiences. He considers himself an environmental, social and governance futurist. His design philosophy of making global impacts with his work includes bringing easily accessible, transparent environmental impacts to households worldwide.


As a native of southern New Mexico, Jerry enjoys spicy foods, as well as spending his downtime with his longtime husband, their Chihuahua, and his dozens of plants that cover every corner of his beautiful home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Cathy Mondloch-Seavey

Director of Employee Experience

Cathy is a yoga educator, lifetime New Mexican and aspiring horticulturist.


With over 15 years of experience working for small businesses, she focuses on identifying operational inefficiencies, locating areas for growth and facilitating team cohesion. She spent over a decade developing her brand and methodology of personal development programs. She applies her yoga skills “off the mat” to design work cultures that promote wellness, personal growth, effective communication, social justice, diversity/inclusion and environmentalism. 


She is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, currently residing in the valley area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she and her husband aspire to expand their farm each year.

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