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Our Vision, Principles,
and Values

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Our Vision

A sustainable world is possible with measurable, localized impact & the strategy to make it happen

Our Principles

The Threads of the Trust Fabric


4th Wave Environmentalism

There is no time left for conflict

Inclusion of all stakeholders

To develop holistic strategies and solutions

A Just Energy Transition

Hear, quantify, and address inequalities

Honest dialogue

Ask hard, critical questions and embrace real talk

Confluence over Compromise

There is always a third way and a win-win

Accuracy and Transparency

Will create unprecedented value


Our Values

Principles in Action

Self Actualization
  • Have Courage: Have the creative courage to be innovative and take chances. Have the moral courage to speak up, even when uncomfortable.

  • Be Real: Being true to yourself takes away the burden of performance. Being genuine sells better - internally and externally.

  • Let Your Creativity Shine: Creativity is the seed of innovation. It begins with individual team members and nurtures a sense of security. It allows the team to take risks.

  • Keep Learning, Keep Evolving: Everything changes, including you; strive to be ahead of the change.

  • Childlike Wonder: Children learn faster and go deeper because of inherent curiosity and openness; curiosity is the core of creativity.

  • Collaborate: Nobody can do it alone. Working with others creates innovation through the inclusion of a diversity of ideas, expertise, and perspectives.

  • Be Humble: It is not about how much you know, but how much you listen and grow.  Be open to other (and others’) perspectives.

  • Make it Fun: Even in the most serious of situations, an air of levity generates positive energy and comradery.

Global Compassion
  • Practice Exquisite Kindness: Kindness builds open relationships based on trust, makes work more enjoyable, and is the number one, empirically-proven metric to create and maintain a highly effective team.

  • Be Open and Objective:  Be open to ideas and growth through careful study, thought, and observation. Never assume. Ask questions when unsure. Facts matter.

  • Love Humanity and the Planet: Our core motivation is to be kind and have a positive impact - to leave it better than we found it.

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